Thursday, November 09, 2006

I Am Not Going to Panic, I Swear

Oh my goodness, it's almost here. Thanksgiving that is. All year my husband tells all his "friends" to come over. Sigh.

To make a long story short; I don't really like people all that much. My husband is a people person. I guess one would have to be if they were a bartender. Or at least a good one, anyway. * Don't get me wrong. I have certain people that I enjoy being around. I just don't enjoy having to be nice to people. And the only person that I do that for is my husband and my son. Oh, and maybe for my best friend Sonja, if I feel generous, (hee hee). But fortunately 99.99% of the people who come to our house to stuff there gullets are pretty cool people.

Oh, I guess I better explain a bit. Every year we have what my husband has Christened to be "Stragglers Thanksgiving." At least for the last 6 years. We (he) invites anyone who has no other place to go; single people, or just people we know that have families far away. We also get the folks who have the family thing and just stop by afterwards for beer, fire and relaxing conversation.

Last year we had about forty-two people swing through the driveway, and a total of five dogs running around the back yard, three were ours. And since we have a house that is approximately 965 sq ft. we have tents outside. We string a t.v. outside for football (can't have turkey day without it), and this year are having three fire-pit-type-things going.

So getting ready for turkey day, we got two turkeys; one in the roaster, one in the BBQ, and one big-assed ham in the slow cooker, among all the other trimmings. Last year, I think I got to suck on the bone in the ham (quit snickering Sonja, but I'm not kidding) by the time I got our there. Vultures. Just kidding. Mostly..

So basically, all year I get to be persnickety about people; i.e: not always being nice, polite for no reason, and I make up for it by inviting my entire friggin' family, and virtual strangers to my home once a year, where I especially dislike company.**

A bitch some might call me. But only behind my back. And they are partly right. I really don't like people. Or maybe they just don't like me, whatever. But I do like entertaining. Weird. Maybe I should just stay in the kitchen. But with my own t.v. of course. Gotta have football. Too bad we always have to watch the Cowboys.

*disclaimer: I love everyone who comes to our house, I'm just crazy and in freakout mode when I'm entertaining.

**I'm not 100% comfortable until at least 80% of the guests are more that 50% sloshed. You do the math.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Eek! Eek! The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Sorry people for not writing lately, but boy oh boy has it been an interesting few days. I'm gonna make this a short one, for I have tons to do, and unfortunately none of it is fun.

We have been having massive rain for the last few days, in fact we received over two inches yesterday alone. On Sunday, my bathroom ceiling collapsed due to the leak that we have had for over four years that our landlord pretty much ignored. So you can imagine how much fun we've been having.

The next day the truck started having issues, so we were driving around a Chevy Classic loaner car with big blue Hertz magnets on the side announcing to everyone who read it that yes, in fact it is a loaner car. Ugly and sad. Two days. Guess what? The issues of course magically disappeared when the mechanic drove it for two days. Sigh... $82 bucks wasted.

Now we are off to parent teacher conferences, mortgage broker interviews (I'm getting the heck outta this house), haircuts and if I find the time make dinner later. Enjoy your days...