Friday, February 03, 2006

But I Digress ...: Media, Politics, and Agita

But I Digress ...: Media, Politics, and Agita

How is it that two people can have pretty much the same opinion about so many things, and they don't know each other? Weird. Check out what Gary has to say.

Snow Day! Snow Day!

My husband and my son are off snowboarding today at Willamette Pass. It's yet another "no school day", and my son's school does an annual ski trip around this time. My husband decided he wanted to be a chaperone. Gee, I hope they miss me today.

(I can't believe I was able to type that first paragraph coherently! Heck, it was all could do not to giggle like a kid when they left the house. 12 whole hours alone!!! Yay! I hope they have fun. I know I will. I'm going to go shopping for my motorcycle or scooter. Later...)

Monday, January 30, 2006

I Think I Just Got Goosed. Again.

I think I might of invented a new exercise. And I will call it: Dirty Dog Tai Chi.

I had been thinking of a way to keep fit that would not mess up my knees more then they already are. So I thought why not Tai Chi? It's low impact, and I could get a beginner DVD from without actually having to buy one. No sense adding to all the workout videos on the Goodwill shelves, ya know?

I waited anxiously for the DVD. And then when it finally came I forced myself to wait for the next morning. I did this because while doing the research on what fitness craze I wanted to begin, I noticed that all the Tai Chi dudes looked like they were wearing jammies. Now that's my kind of exercise! I thought maybe I would do better if I wore the correct gear.

So that next morning, I awoke before the guys, (as usual), did my stretches, and popped the DVD into the player. This is where it starts to get interesting.

For one thing, the instructor dude had the worst case of sunburn I have ever seen. (It was set in Hawaii.) Every time he moved the little wrinkles in his skin would turn white. Anyone who has ever had a sunburn knows that this is a bad thing. He did not look relaxed at all. I had a hard time relaxing just looking at his grimacing face.

Anyway, on to how I invented Dirty Dog Tai Chi. I have three dogs. Large dogs. One of them is incredibly stupid. Every time I tried to lift my leg to do some weird Tai Chi move, her face was in my crotch. Every time I had to bend over to do some other weird Tai Chi move, her face went back and forth from my butt, to my face. ARGH!! I got so frustrated that I ended up using all my "good Tai energy" getting her to settle down. I tried putting her in her crate, but it's hard to relax when you have a dog howling in the next room.

So, what do you think? Do you think some weirdo people would buy a Dirty Dog Tai Chi instructional video?