Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I miss my friend already . . .

I lost a good friend to God last night.  She was too young to go, but I guess she had things to do in heaven.  Apparently God had a mighty big honey-do-list for her since he took her before I think she was ready.  I love you, and will miss you Stacy.

When we first met, I thought she was a little on the bitchy side.  But as it turned out, we were just a lot alike. :-) 

Monday, December 21, 2009

These Are The Days-Sugarland

It's written on our palms and
It's written on our hearts
It's written in our songs and
It's written in the stars
Sometimes all we can do
Is stand up tall
When they're standing in line
Just to watch us fall

We can't forget, these are the days
Whoa, don't be afraid
We can't forget, these are the days

Well, we got each other and that's all we need
From here on out it's just you and me
Two hometown hearts up against the world
That don't stand a chance against this boy and girl
We faced 'em down, fought bigger fights
And I know babe we're gonna be alright

repeat chorus

Well, it feels like we're living from pay check to check
And we wake up wondering what might happen next
Yeah, someitmes it feels like we won't make it through
But the hard times pass
Like the good ones do
Baby wrap your fingers and
Hold on tight
I'll be right here beside you tonight
Baby climb up here
Watch the city glow
Let's make a wish on the fireworks below
We're making moments that we won't forget
And feeling ones that haven't happened yet

repeat chorus

Don't be afraid
We can't forget these are the days