Friday, September 10, 2010

5th Day of Vegan Challenge

Ok, here I am.  I am still alive!  Yesterday was a good day.  No problems.  But then again, I didn't leave the house, so there were no temptations.  It helps that my cherry tomato plant is finally ripening, so every time I walk through the kitchen I pop one into my mouth from the bowl on the counter.  Funny, I wasn't "hungry" all day long.

Tonight will be my first big "challenge".  I'm going over to my friend's house for a girl's night in and I'm sure there will be stuff for me to drool over.  I am bringing my own snacks so hopefully it wont be too hard.

Day 5 weight:  168

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Day 3 of my Vegan Challenge

First of all, I found this video this morning and I wanted to share.  Some might call it propaganda, but I just think it's funny; and it's written by the dude that does the cartoon, Bizarro.

It's funny, but I thought I would be hungrier.  I think that it helped a lot that I already don't eat meat.  And the egg part is not that hard because I started straying from those oval-shaped orbs when we got the chickens.  I felt like I would be eating Lady Gaga's (one of my chickens, not the actual Lady Gaga) babies. The warm, fresh out of her cooch feeling was not exactly appetizing for me either.  Not eating cheese might get more difficult if my husband buys some of my used-to-be-my-favorite-but-now-I'm-vegan stinky cheese.

Anyway, yesterday I made a huge pot of vegan black bean chili and I'm going to have some for lunch this afternoon.  Dinner is still up in the air though.  I wish I had a husband like Mr. Awesomecool.   He is Superfantabulous's husband and does all the cooking.  I hear he is an awesome chef and he is also vegan so there wouldn't be any arguments on what he is cooking.  But then again, since my hubby works a weird mid shift almost every day, I would probably starve since he wouldn't be here to cook for me.  Well shit, I guess I can't have it both ways.

I am off to the grocery store this morning to read labels and eventually buy something to sustain myself.  I already went through my cupboards and was appalled at how many things have milk or a milk product in them.  Shit that has no business having milk in it like canned chili.  Who puts milk in there chili for fuck's sake? That is what got me making my own yesterday.

Day 3 weight: 170 lbs

Monday, September 06, 2010

I Got the "Bitch" Part Down . . .

This is the first day of the vegan challenge and I am doing good.  Of course all I have had to eat so far is coffee.  And I've only been up for about three hours. Yes, I know the Skinny Bitch book people say that coffee is a crutch, but fuck it.  I'm handicapped.  I need a crutch.  I didn't use milk like I always do. That's good right?  Although I did use chemically laden non-dairy creamer if you must know.  Baby steps right?

So the challenge people are sending me a daily email with menu suggestions, hurrays, and you-go-girls.  I have to say though, that after perusing the menus, I don't even eat that much on a regular basis.  But I am thinking that maybe I will eventually want to eat the amounts they are suggesting because in a few days I'll be starving.  Hell, I don't know. 

My husband thinks I'm crazy.  But I am just sick and tired of feeling like crap all the time and I'm running out of shit to do about it.  So, here I am.  Updates (not that you care) will be posted periodically. 

BTW are Twix bars vegan?  Probably not.  Dammit, now I gotta find a homemade Twix bar recipe.

Day 1 weight: 174 lbs