Friday, July 09, 2010

I started my internship at Lane County Animal Services yesterday.  They are over flowing by the way.  Several things I noted that I never knew before.  Maybe my eyes were just closed for a while.  Not anymore.

At the end of my shift, on my very first day, I held a beautiful black lab that had apparently been hit by a car, while she was humanely euthanized.  She was a very sweet, gentle girl.  I think she was very well taken care of at one time, but she looked like she had been suffering in the field where she was found, for about a week.  She was severely dehydrated and obviously had not eaten for days.  Her back was broken.  I hope that the person who hit her didn't know they had.  And if they did, and left her to die . . .well, I wish the same on you.