Friday, June 04, 2010

My mind is screaming, "DO SOMETHING!"

Do you have pets?  A dog, cat, a rabbit perhaps?  Did you get them spayed or neutered?  Well, if not than you should.  Here is just one of the good reasons why.

This morning I was having a conversation about some people we know that are over breeding their chihuahuas.  Not only are they over breeding them but they are in-breeding them.  But not on purpose of course.   (eye roll)

They have one male, un-altered chi.  He is repeatedly impregnating the several female chi-s in the house.  One of them is his own daughter.  One is his sister.  In this last one year, this poor girl has had three litters. All three litters have had a still-born pup, some with only half a tail, and in the second to the last litter, one of the pups had a cleft lip, couldn't nurse and died 4 days later (starving to death, because they didn't want to spend the money having her humanely euthanized).

I am just incensed with this.  I had no idea that this was how they bred their dogs.  Not only are they breeding in this way, but they are getting rid of the pups at the age of five weeks.  They do this because they no longer want to take care of them.  If that is what you call it.  The room they are kept in is covered in feces and urine from not only the puppies, but the two cats that are in the home as well.  All the animals in this house are covered in fleas, and they are not doing a damn thing about it.

Unfortunately there is not a damn thing I can do about it.  Legally, that is.  According to the Lane County Animal Services code, as long as they have minimum care (adequate food, shelter and clean water) they cannot do a thing.

But . . . I am thinking about doing something else, that I wont put here in print, but it will save these poor dogs from ever having to have another litter.