Saturday, January 13, 2007

Laziness Part II

When someone else is involved, laziness doesn't look like Laziness. It looks like Indifference, Presumption, Insensitivity, Hostility--a whole rainbow of things that all sound worse than what it really is--Sitting There Minding Your Own Business.

Like dishes.

If I leave the dishes in the sink, my husband assumes that I assume that I just leave them there for him. Not true. I assume nothing. I'll clean them--as soon as I notice them. Or as soon as they bother me.

Unfortunately, somethings don't bother me right away. My husband gets bothered sooner. It's all a matter of timing. Learning each others Lag Time; how long you have between Event, and Annoyance of Said Event.

For example, if I uses a jar of peanut butter at nine o'clock, I may not notice that it's still sitting on the counter until, oh, say--that Friday.

Now my husband notices sooner, does that make me insensitive? I think not. It's just who you are.

I would argue that if it bothers you, and you need to put it away, then by all means, put it away. I'm willing to let you do that. I will forgo my own schedule, so that you may honor yours. I will not be offended. Just don't you be offended and assume that I assume, because you'd be assuming wrong.

I'm just Sitting Here Minding My Own Business.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Snow Day!!!!!

Yesterday was a snow day for the kids here in the valley. Here are some pictures from the Frozen Tundra I like to sometimes call Sonja Land. (She took some pretty good ones, too.)