Friday, June 05, 2009

Wow. With so much going on I almost forgot to blog. Almost.

We finally found a home for JR the Kelpie. We advertised him on several Kelpie rescue sites, and found a home for him in southern California. We were going to fly him down, but I just didn't feel comfortable about that, so my son D and I drove down here from Eugene to a meeting place near Kettleman City. A very long drive, but worth it. JR is with a very nice pack and can finally do the herding he was bred to do.

The trip was interesting to say the least, though. I got it into my head, to help with the cost of gas, to advertise a ride share on Craigslist. We picked up a very nice gentleman here in Eugene and for $20 dropped him off in Medford. Cool deal. He didn't even mind have JR crawling all over him.

After that it was pretty much smooth sailing down to the meeting spot. D did a great job driving, although there were a few times when I decided to drive and for the sake of not offending the teen driver, I just didn't really tell him why. (Can we say "slow the heck down!"?)

The drive up always seems shorter, and we found my friend MaryBeth's house up near San Francisco and she graciously let us spend the night. Then the next morning, after much procrastination we drove up to Berkley and picked up another rider for the trip to Eugene.

This time it was a 21 year old student from Berkley. He was on his way home to his parents house for the summer. I'm glad I have a truck. For it was him and his six plastic garbage bags full of dirty laundry that I hauled up north. Whew.

Anyway, that was just
last weekend. Between that, loosing my job, looking for a job, avoiding the wolf at the door, having the bathroom remodeled, having the two day yard sale, the hubby going to Hilton Head for his brother's wedding, graduations and upcoming 18th birthdays, I'm freaking' exhausted. Oh yeah, and I decided to go back to school, starting this Summer term.