Sunday, May 09, 2010

Bald Men Can Be Hot Too

Ok, here's the weird.  The hubby has (finally) noticed that his hair is a little on the thin side in a certain little Friar Tuck-ish way.  Now, I have never really thought about hot or not hot when it comes to him and his hair hmm lack of.  But now that the issue is kind of in my face, I started to think about it.  Why not?  Should I sneak Rogane into his shampoo?  Although that might not be the best idea since we use the same shampoo.  That's all I need.  Hair sprouting out of every area one probably wouldn't want it to sprout.

Sorry I digress.  Here is my list of hot bald guys.  Don't laugh.  Ok fine, laugh.  Just don't rib me.

Rene' Dif from Aqua

Patrick Stewart,  Old enough to be my dad, but still hot.

 Vin Diesel.  XXX you know it.

any way