Saturday, October 02, 2010

I Love My Ducks (Return of the Quack) - Supwitchugirl

I don't know why, but I love these guys! Just good.

The Endless Sea of CDs

Last night I decided that this weekend I would clean, and re-organize all of The Hubby's CDs. Anyone who loves and knows the man I married, also knows that he is very eclectic and at the risk of being redundant, very diverse, when it comes to not only his music but lots of things.  He also never puts things back where he found them.  Ever.

So when I say "re-organize", I am actually trying to find the right cases for some and just a plain old case for others.  He pulls a CD out and will just ram it into any case that might be nearby.  I found two or three CDs all crammed together in one case more than once.

But I also thought that since I have all the CDs out I might as well burn them to the hard drive and make it so much easier to load my iPod thingie with tunes.  Did I mention that between the two of us, we have about 1000 CDs?  It should take me about a month, I think.

Oh and by the way.  I have discovered that The Hubby has entirely too many BaHa Men CDs for a normal person to have.  I didn't even know they made more than one!  And if it wasn't for Shrek and Alvin & The Chipmunks, they would all probably be washing cars about right now.

As a matter of fact I think that whoever came up with the song montage for the Shrek karaoke scene must of been looking through our CD collection because I think we every single one of these songs on CD somewhere.  Pretty sure, although I am only about 1/10 of the way through.  Wish me luck as I wade through Ani DeFranco, The Grateful Dead, Cher, Chris LeDoux, B.B. King, James Brown, Joss Stone, Peter Gabriel among others and . . .  *GASP*  Yanni !?!  WTF?  I can tell now that he and I need to have a talk.  A wife has to draw the line somewhere. Right?  I better not find Michael Bolten in there.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Fall Off the Vegan Wagon Was Not As Painful as One Might Think

I know I have not written about my "vegan challenge" since what, the sixth day?  Well, that is because I was riddled with guilt when I fell off the wagon, so to speak, on the eighth day or so.  I tried.  I tried really hard.  But there were two things standing in my way, and that also got in my face.  Cheese and oysters.

Yes, I said cheese and oysters.  When the hubby and I went mushrooming up near Alpine, we got skunked (no shrooms to be found), so we decided to stop in the teeny tavern in the teeny town of Alpine.  Well, lo and behold it was the annual Alpine Oyster feed and Potluck.  We walked in, saw this, looked at each other, and walked back out to the car and came back in carrying the chips and salsa that we never got around to eating that we had brought as a snack.  We were officially in.  We were now part of the potluck.  Hurray!

Tons of smoked oysters with Gouda cheese on top.  BBQ oysters on the half shell.  Oyster shooters.  I just couldn't help myself.  Oh and someone in Alpine makes the best damn cheesecake in the world.  After the cheesecake, I knew I was doomed to be just a lowly vegetarian who occasionally eats non-vertebrae mollusks.

I'm not sure how I feel about this.  In this day and age when everyone seems to have a label for everyone else, I am going to give myself one.  I am officially a "Mollusko-vegi-tarian."  What do you think?