Monday, February 27, 2006

I had the almost overwhelming urge to kick someone in the teeth today. I had two really good candidates too, but I am an adult so I didn't. So now you have to hear about them.

As I was shopping today, I was looking at some earrings that were on display. There wasn't a sign describing them in detail, so I asked the clerk who was standing right there behind the jewelry counter if they were plated or solid white gold. Her response: "I don't know. I just work here." What?!?! Apparently she doesn't work on commission. And no, I wasn't at Walmart. I would not of been surprised to hear that response if I was. But I was actually at a very high end store. I love the people who work the sales counters. They act so snooty, yet they most likely barely make more than minimum wage.

The second thing, just happened about ten minutes ago. I ran down to the little neighborhood store near my house, and guess what I see? A minivan parked about 50 yrds from the door to the store, running, purse sitting on the passenger seat, BABY is a carseat in the back, doors unlocked. WTF!?!?! I don't live in the best neighborhood, far from it. What the hell was this person thinking, that left this kid there like that? I went towards the store and saw a woman walking towards the van. Yup, it was hers.

Me: "Excuse me. Is that your van?"

Stupid Bitch: "Yeah, why?"

Me: "Did you forget that you have a kid in the backseat?"

Stupid Bitch: "Who the hell are you?"

Me: "Did you forget that you have a kid in the backseat, and the engine is running with the doors unlocked?"

Stupid Bitch: "Screw you, who are you to judge?" she said while walking away.

Me: "Not judging just asking a simple question. It's a good thing that I was the one to come upon your van. The running engine on the unlocked car, with the purse sitting on the front seat would have been awfully tempting if I was a thief. Oh even better! If I was a pervert, that little blond girl snoozing away in the backseat would make quite a find. What were you thinking?"

Her: "Fuck off." She then hoped into her van and squealed her tires leaving the lot. Yeah, that was safe.

Someone else might think I am judging. But I think that in order to judge someone, there has to be a possibility of innocence. There was none that I could see. She did what she did, I saw it with my own eyes. She also couldn't give a rip. What a toadcock. Ok, I'm done bitching now.


  1. Interesting blog. The strange thing is that every time I have asked a clerk something in Wal Mart they had the answer. That's why I don't shop in those snooty stores.

  2. The daughter in law of a co-worker did the same thing as the stupid bitch. The outcome was different though, someone DID steal the car, which had been left running at a gas pump where your supposed to turn them off anyhow. In the back seat was her six month old baby. Fortunatly crooks aren't all that bright either and when they returned TO THE SAME GAS STATION to fill up, the police who were still there filling out reports promptly arrested them. Stupidity saved by more stupidity. The gean pool is getting awful shallow.

  3. At Walmart, you're lucky if you actually get them to answer you. I've been blatantly ignored by them, yet watched them run to wait on the person who came to the counter AFTER ME! Grrr.....

    Stupid Bitch needed her ass kicked. Morons like that should not procreate.

  4. it does show that stupid is eternal....ugh...