Friday, February 17, 2006

Odds & Ends

Hello, everybody! I'm baaaccckkkk!!! I whisked my husband away for a three night stay at a very cool place called the Belknap Hot Springs Resort. We had a very relaxing time, and boy did we deserve it. It was hard work organizing the trip, (which was a surprise for the husband), finding someone to watch the dogs (3), cats (3) and the kid (1) for three nights and four days. Sigh....But I did it, and it was a grand thing indeed.

Everything was pretty cool. Although on the third day, we thought the housekeeping people had eaten our cookies that we had left on the top of the microwave while we were out hiking. We were actually pretty pissed off about that. But we sheepishly found out that we had resident chipmunks instead. What I found odd though, is that the resort people neglected to mention this to us when we moved into the cabin. It would not of mattered, but we would not have left food out on the counter, if we had known.

Anyway, also please give a big welcome to my latest tenant, The Closet Bitch who seems to Be Stumbling Through Life With Grace. Click on her, right under Teh Blogfather, over here to your left. She is pretty mouthy (I like that), her blog looks cool (totally diggin' on the flowers), and if you take the time to explore some of her past posts you wont be sorry. Highly entertaining. And if you go over there, leave a comment for her, and tell her I sent you.

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  1. Thank you for the warm welcome and for renting to me Kimberly. I promise not to be a loud and mouthy tenant!