Sunday, February 05, 2006

Smorgasbord (Is that how you spell it?)

Ok. Hi there. Sorry I've been lazy about posting but I, uh... Oh, who am I kidding? I have no excuse except laziness and writers block.

There are plenty of times through out my day, when something happens or I see something, or read something, and I think, "I should write about that." Or, "That would make an interesting article." But then I can't figure out how to stretch that one subject into something worth while to read.

So, here is my plan, and you have to bear with me. You get to be bombarded with MULTIPLE SUBJECTS today. (That is to be said in a kind of deep voice that could scare small children.) Here goes:

  • I was so proud of myself the other day when I bought a can of Pringles. It said on the can, "0 grams of trans fat!". But I bought the can with the trivia Q & A's printed on the chips. What the heck is the blue writing made from? Answer: Red #40, Blue #1. Is this bad?
  • Did you know that "grasa" means "fat" in Spanish? I learned that while reading labels on food products that are now bilingual. This kind of concerns me.
  • This is freaking funny. Although my Mother and possible others could be mildly offended, check it out anyway.
  • Hide the remote from your spouse or significant other for about an hour. You couldn't buy that kind of entertainment.
  • I'm glad the Steelers won the Super Bowl. Not sure why, since I am a Vikings fan myself. Maybe it's a Midwest thing?
  • My electricity keeps flickering. But only in parts of the house. Actually it shuts completely off except in the kitchen. Which, of course, everything works in the kitchen except the fridge, and the microwave. How messed up is that? Can we say "fire hazard, everyone?"
  • One of my dogs decided they needed to poop right in the middle of the back step. My son witnessed this. I stepped outside for a minute. I stepped in the middle of said giant pile of poo. My son says, "Oh yeah, Harpo pooped on the step mom. Watch out for that." Is there anyone else out there that thinks that there is something wrong with this scenario?
  • Although the media seems to think that all chicks would like to see Brokeback Mountain, I have to say, that I personally have no desire to do so. In fact, I was pissed off when the (gay themed) movie ruined my perfect fantasy image of Heath Ledger altogether. Totally pissed me off. People that are gay are fine with me, whatever. But not in my personal fantasies. Crap, thanks Heath. Cute Heath. Here too. But here is Icky Heath. Ugh.
  • I've decided that if I was ever a radio talk show host, (Yes, for some reason I think about these things.) the kind that gives out advice...I would NEVER ask them to call back at a later date to let me know what happened. EVER. It would drive me nuts to know if this person who stayed on hold forever to talk to my glorious self on the radio, then told me and my millions of listeners their "issues", did or didn't follow my advice. Because if they didn't, I would wonder why I was wasting my time. How do these talk show people do this? One would think it would make them want to bitch slap the caller, when they find out that they didn't even try. What a waste. It's like calling 911, telling them all about why you need an ambulance, getting them all worked up, and then telling the operator never mind, you'll figure it out. Sigh...

I'm tired...I have tons more little stupid things that I think about on a daily basis. I actually had a goal of more than this to write tonight. Perhaps another time.


  1. You need a vacation, honey. PS: No dye is good for you. Just watch out for anything "generic" red dye or carmine. It's made from bugs. Cactus sucking bugs.

  2. Sonja5:50 AM

    First of all-io-EEEW!
    You are hppy the Steelers won because they are so freaking awesome!

  3. Thanks I.O. I couldn't agree more about the vacation. :-) And the dye stuff is gross.