Friday, June 30, 2006

Well, now that you all have had time to get used to the new look, I have something to say.

I was flipping through the channels today and something I saw made me start to think about when the tiger attacked that magician dude. I have never seen the Siegfried and Roy show, but if they ever make it back to the stage, I will be there in the front row wearing a poncho like I was at a Gallagher show. I don't blame the tiger for snapping at all. They said that the tiger attacked because he became disoriented. Well, yeah, he's in a damn casino! A tiger does not belong in a casino. I love Vegas, and I love to gamble, but after five hours in a casino, I'm ready to rip someone's throat out too.

Then they tried to blame the tiger snapping because of some woman's hair in the audience. Have you seen Siegfried's hair? The tiger works every day with Siegfried and they want to blame some woman from New Jersey for having big hair. I heard that the next time they have a show, they are going to have a sign that says, "Your hair must be this tall in order for you to see this show."

As you can tell, I have little sympathy for people who get trampled running with the bulls, or crushed by an elephant at the circus, or any silly crap that involves a wild animal. Animals don't want to be in the darn circus, jumping through hoops on fire or standing on one foot. If they weren't so drugged up, more of them would snap. I mean, we have people doing regular jobs and they lose it and shoot up their place of employment. I bet the post office would have way more casualties if we made them balance the mail on their noses.

Enough said.

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