Sunday, February 25, 2007

Morons, complete morons.

Men have absolutley no clue. This is my generalized statement for the day. Hell, the week maybe. Jeez.

I don't think anyone but another woman would understand all the trouble we have to go through just to get an acurate reading on our bathroom scale.

  1. Gotta pee. (Do you know how much pee weighs?)
  2. Gotta be naked. (Clothes add pounds, especially in the winter)
  3. If weighing right after the shower, gotta dry the hair. (Wet hair is heavier than dry hair.)
  4. Gotta poop. (See #1.)
  5. If you don't have to poop, jog in place for a while until it works itself out.

And this is why....I take so long in the bathroom. Don't they know anything.

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