Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hotel vs Mom

My husband is going to his brother's wedding this week. He gets to stay at his parent's house but if it was up to me, I'd stay at a hotel.

I'll tell you what I love about hotels: They can't do enough for you. They want to make you feel at home, and then they give you things that nobody has at home. Shower caps, shoe horns. . . and sewing kits? My husband has never sewn in his life. What makes then think he's going to start at the Marriott in Muncie, Indiana? Has anybody ever made that call? "Honey, I'm in Indiana, and my buttons are flying off like crazy! What do I do? What? Yes, there's a sewing kit right here. OK, I have it. Talk me through."

And I love the little chocolates on the pillow. There's a clever snacking item, because personally, there's nothing I like better right before I go to bed than a nice diabetic seizure. A pound and a half of sugar before going to sleep, good idea.

I want to know how they selected chocolate as the appropriate treat. What were the other suggestions? "How about . . . scallops? Do you think scallops would be good on a pillow? Or maybe kiwi. Several kiwi, thinly sliced . . ."

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