Saturday, July 07, 2007

Lake Waldo

This past Independence Day, my husband, son and I went to Waldo Lake for two nights. Sounds rather mundane when I put it that way. Eh-hem...let me rephrase.

This last week, my husband was off for two days longer than I for the holiday, so he was entrusted with the responsibility of getting everything ready to camp up at Lake Waldo. He later commented that he didn't know how his parents ever did it.

I have to admit I'm glad that he decided to buy us a new air mattress, but after he left the store with about 50 more items than he planned on buying, we could have went to a hotel for the same amount of money. The whole idea of camping this year came about to save money on the cost of hotel. Um...we ended up spending about the same. But we got the added bonus of mosquito bites.

Camping was great. I was worried about it being crowded, but we were only joined by three other families in a campground with a 52 site capacity. It was wonderful. Waldo Lake is Oregon 's 2
nd largest lake, and must be one of the cleanest. In some spots you can see 150 feet down. It's like a giant aquarium of sorts, too. since you can see the fish. Very cool.

The only bad thing was when I went to put jeans on the first morning to protect myself from the zillions of mosquitoes, and I had none. I mistakenly let my husband pack for me. Yeah, I know stupid. It's my own fault.

After rifling through the duffel bag that could have fit a small person in it, I noted that it looked like my husband had emptied the contents of his dresser into it. He had four pairs of jeans. I had zero. After questioning him, he said that he figured I could wear his. WHAT?! Since when do I fit into 32/30 jeans? Last time I looked my legs were about 5 inches longer that his. And my girlish figure has just enough curve to not allow the hip hugger man style of jeans to fit at a 32 inch waist band.

The man packed me one pair of workout Capri, a swimsuit that hasn't fit me since 2003, (I'm not sure where he even found it.) 15 pairs of socks, and one pair a granny panties. I really don't know why he packed

He packed him self: four pairs of jeans, five t-shirts, three swim trunks, a bunch of socks, three sweat shirts, and some other miscellaneous clothing items that do
me no good. (He also packed a tube of toothpaste in each duffel bag, but forgot the toothbrushes.)

Here's the irony. The man didn't even change his t-shirt let alone his jeans for the whole two and a half days we were there. He didn't feel like swimming, either. Anyways....

He gets an A for effort, an A for trying to help, but his final grade is a C-. Sorry, babe.

Here's the photos of the lake. Oh and I think that one of them is an inland pond in the middle of the burned out
forest we hiked through. It was very awe inspiring.

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  1. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Sounds like you guys had a blast.
    Thanks for the picture. I had forgotten what the lake looked like. Io