Friday, August 17, 2007

Have you ever watched a nature show or perhaps a movie at school that depicts a little baby bird first learning how to fly. Seems like a simple, yet cute little image. Right?

Most likely not. What it really is is the momma bird ruthlessly shoving her baby out of the nest over and over until the poor thing just keeps on flying away and doesn't come back.

Yesterday, my son passed his drivers test and received his license. This morning he will be driving to work during the busy Friday commute. I will probably be throwing up, sick with fear for my baby.

Will he remember how to get there? Will he remember to use his blinkers and watch his speed? How could he possible know what to do without me sitting beside him as my fists clench and unclench with every corner turned, and my foot stomping on the brake pedal that isn't there? What if? What if? What if?

Do you think he would notice if I secretly followed him on my scooter?


  1. Suddenly I'm flashing back to my youth...remembering that first day I drove to school and I thought I kept seeing the same woman...dark glasses, big floppy hat, long my rear view window :-) I need to call my mother now...

  2. There's no way that scooters keeping up with him. ;) It'll be ok. :)