Thursday, August 23, 2007

When Momma Goes A Bit Crazy...

OK, so I know this has been a while but I have lots of fun stuff. OK, maybe not so fun to you, but fun to.... well....maybe...whomever. Whatever.

So, um... the other day I went a little crazy. Crazy actually might be a mild term. Mildly hysterical might be a closer definition. Or maybe, just possibly, just sick of being overwhelmed with household shit and doing everything alone, by myself or whatever else definition you might have.

OK, so #1 you know you're husband has watched
way too much South Park when he thinks it's funny when he says, "Bring me my cheesy poooooffs Bee-yatch.". And then laughs like that's funny. Whatever. Then he doesn't understand when I am so not amused.

#2 Just how much arborvitae can one person pull out of her bra and still be sane, and not itching herself looking like she was doing the chicken dance? Today I walked the green mile. The "Green Mile" is what I call a stretch of approximately 7/10 of a mile, of several shrubs, bushes (dare I say the word.?...long story sorry) Arborvitae approx. every ten feet. Easier to just walk on the wall with a gas powered hedger and top all the little tops off. Little freaky....about 15 feet yeah kinda scary. My partner in crime, aka other gardener screams like a scary movie stabbing victim when a spider decides to "kick" her. My god. Sigh.....What I deal with. Oh wait, she deals with my abnormal small bird phobia...
OK, um....never mind.

#3 Is
Sharding a valid excuse? You know... shitting when you thought you were going to fart? I was just curious. If you were late to something, would you actually use the "sharding" excuse as a reason for being late? I would think that you wouldn't if it were true, but would as a last resort. Thoughts? Any one?

OK and last and foremost: I guess it takes a mommy going a little nutso, crazy or dare I say hysterical to get things done. For the last few days I have felt a we say overwhelmed? Apparently it takes three days for crazy momma to get the lawn mowed, the apple tree pruned, and some one ELSE TO FOLD THE GOSH DARNED LAUNDRY! OK, sorry I'm fine now. Now that the stuff got done...I'm perfectly sane now.

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  1. I don't think I'd *ever* use sharting as an excuse for being late (or anything else), and I'm a woman who has the heart and sense of humour of a 12-year-old boy!

    Love the background graphics on your blog.