Sunday, October 07, 2007

With Halloween being so close, I am once again caught trying to think of what to be. Oh, and not only do I have to think what to be, but also of what to make my husband dress up as. He says anything is OK, as long as he doesn't have to wear tights. Gee, honey, thanks for narrowing it down a bit for me.

I can pretty much dress up as anything, but my hubby is a little harder to do. He has a long mustache that I try to incorporate into his costumes. So far he has been a disciple of Jesus, a werewolf, a magic lamp genie, a samurai, Yosemite Sam, and a few others I can't think of at the moment. And I try to make us match. Or at the very least be along the same theme as each other.

This year the actual Halloween night is on his night off, so I am really trying to make us match. It's just hard. Any ideas people?


  1. No tights huh? Guess that lets the "Burger King" idea down the tubes. Target does have a "beer keg" costume that wouldn't HAVE to have tights (Hairy bare legs might add to the costume). You could go as a serving wench! :) You could REALLY have fun with this. ;)