Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Help me win this house!!! Seriously folks...

I still need people to vote. It really is easy.

I am going to win a free house, and I need your help. To win this house, I need to get as many people as possible to Digg my story on Digg.com (a popular website for people to vote for popular stories). This is my once in a life time opportunity to own my own house FREE AND CLEAR (or receive $100,000 cash).

This is a real contest and this is important to me. Just click on this link below:

Vote For JustMeKimberly's Story CLICK HERE CLICK HERE!!!

Please click on the “green thumbs up” to vote for me (you can find this right next to my story). The story with the highest vote will win the house or the cash.

For more information, come to Freehouse.wordpress.com


  1. Alright, but if you win that house, you have to buy a piece of my art ;)My site provides all necessary links.
    You have been green thumb upped by The Cuke... ok, nevermind. I keep getting an "invalid token" message.

  2. Anonymous12:55 PM

    I don't believe in getting something for nothing. If you want a house, go out and work for it but don't expect somebody to give you one. That's just selfish.

  3. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Ignore the negative talk. You can't win the lottery until you buy a ticket. Go for it. IO

  4. Well, in response to "John": I am working for it, I paid $20 entry fee, and I wrote a story. Sure seemed like work to me. And I am networking my ass off trying to get people to read it...again work. Thanks for the comment though. :-P

  5. I was the first dig!! I am awesome! And I waded through horrible Campillos internet to do it. Oh, and fuck you, John. Kimberly works her ass off, she just doesn't get paid appropriately. In a just world she would have already made enough to buy the house of her dreams.

  6. Ok will help you win a house and have DIGGED you

    Can you help make us some money too?