Thursday, February 05, 2009

Fresh Air, Chili, Skin & Louis L'amour

Yesterday, after reading more of a book I found completely by accident recently, The Cactus Eaters, I found my self in an outdoorsy mood. But since I was also lacking in energy I decided that the best bet would be to kidnap my sleeping husband and drive up to McCready Hot Springs.

Now the heat is not the greatest for my MS but there are areas in the pool (furthest from the hot magma heated water jets) that were warm enough and just cool enough to not aggravate. It was more the therapeutics of the river, trees, sunshine, and the hot chili I brought in a Thermos that I needed.

I don't mind going naked if there is no one else around, but I usually bring a suit just in case. Well, there was a older fellow already there floating on the far end of the thankfully large pool, belly up, phallus floating in the small current. Oh yay. This is why I wear a hat with a wide brim. It makes for a handy eye shield, to prevent those accidental eye attractions towards the misshapen forms of old ball sack.

So I put my suit on in the magical, mysterious way, under my clothes, while still wearing them in the way that only a woman knows how. I always seem to boggle my husbands mind with my Ninja-like bra removing abilities. First it's there, then it's not. Ta-Da!!

Of course my husband has no problem at all just throwing it all off and prancing around naked as the day he was born. The only time I have ever seen him put on a suit in this hot springs was a few years back. A fellow seemed to want to sit right next to him in the pool. I mean, like an inch from him in a pool that is about 20' wide and only two or three other people were in it. It took my husband about five minutes of being chased around the pool for him to get out and put his shorts on and then was practically glued to my side the rest of the time we were there.

Anyway, while we were soaking, old naked guy decided to go sit in his lawn chair that he brought. He sits down, slouching back in the chair, knees spread for comfort, saggy male parts draped over the edge of the seat, pulls his hat down low to shade from the sun, and looses himself in his western novel.
I know this because despite my best efforts, this scene, not unlike a car wreck, had my eyes looking up to catch this in a flash. Yes, a flash. That is all I needed for this picture to be forever seared onto my eyeballs, brain and memory. And now I have shared it with you. Your welcome.

So, after a while we got out of the pool to sit on a rock and eat our chili. A bit surreal to be offering an old naked guy some of my chili on the side of a creek, not 100 feet from Hwy 58, while sitting next to my semi naked husband. But when isn't my life a bit odd at times?

It was still a very relaxing day. But I think I got my fill of "nature" for a bit.


  1. Anonymous1:34 PM

    :} snicker..snicker!

  2. hehehe

    becareful what you ask for?!

    cute story and wonderful telling of it!

  3. awww shucks. thanks

  4. Hope you enjoyed the springs - I love the soothing, healing waters - good wishes on your journey to good health.

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  6. I happened upon your blog and have really enjoyed reading it so far. You have a wonderfully witty way with words (say that three times). ;)