Friday, March 13, 2009

Seriously? Seriously.

As you noticed today I titled my post "Seriously". I think you'll figure it out.

I have not posted in a while for the simple reason that I didn't want to post depressing, sad, pissed off things all the time. So this one is an effort let me tell ya. And I probably wont succeed in the long run.

I found out a few months back that I have MS. Seriously?

My doctor called me and told me while I was at work. Seriously?

Within a few months it progressed. Seriously.

I requested half days at work. They put me on unpaid leave until they "mulled it over". Seriously?

They finally (after two weeks) decided that it was "ridiculous", that I not work while they "mull" since my doc says it's OK. Seriously? Seriously.

While I was gone, one of my bosses got hit by a drunk driver. Seriously.

Also while I was gone, one of my co-worker's homes was broken into and trashed while she was at work. Seriously?

It is completely fucked up that a homeless, meth head, thieving asshole broke into my friends that she just bought all on her own, while she was at work, barely making over minimum wage, but at least it was an honest wage. Seriously. Fuckers.

While I was on "leave", I decided to re-paint the kitchen. And throw out a bunch of stuff. In order to do this I had to clean first. Seriously. Ugh.

I discovered that my ceiling was not beige. Or even off white. It was white. Seriously.

I could of planted a garden in the dust from the top of my fridge. A little fertilizer and I could have lettuce! Seriously.

It has taken me 5 days to do the kitchen, even with my sister Shannon helping me the first day. Apparently four hours is enough for me a day. And why did I choose colors that take several coats each? Seriously.

Every morning when my husband awoke, he says "kitchen is looking good.." Then sits down at the computer and plays World of Warcraft for a few hours. Seriously?

I found out that my foster dog Morty possibly has mange. Seriously?

It is treatable and I can prevent my other dogs from getting it. Seriously.

I give Morty a bath every day in a Rubbermaid tub that I sit on top of my washing machine, after I fill it up using a little hose I hook up to my washing machine spigot, because I do not have a tub. Seriously.

I found a home remedy using Borax and Hydrogen peroxide for his bath. Seriously.

My other foster JR, is the most retarded dog ever. In the house. Seriously.

JR jumps up on the counter and goes through my mail. He like the taste of the glue on the envelopes from the bills. It's the only mail he eats. Seriously.

JR will eat anything that is on the counter. As long as it's not made out of metal. Seriously.

JR is the most trainable dog ever. Seriously?

JR obeys the first time you say, "crate" (goes into crate and lays down), he instantly obeys, "come, stay, lay down, heel, drop, and quit eating the cat!" Seriously.

I find myself saying "quit eating the cat, Retardo!" to JR, more than I tell my husband I love him. Bummer, but seriously.

My son, decided to go camping in 28 degree weather the night after I spent 75 bucks paying for his Dr. and prescriptions for his cold/lung issue. Seriously?

I told him it was a bad idea; that he was going to freeze. They ended up sleeping in the car. BWHAHAHAHA!!! Seriously.

My son should listen to his mother. Seriously.

My husband has never, ever taken the dogs (4) to the dog park by himself. Seriously.

I do it two to three times a week. All of them. Yes, me. The chick with MS. Four dogs over the weight of 70. Seriously.

I asked the husband today while I was out running errands, to take them to the dog park, and he said, I was going to wait until you got home." I said "why?" He said, "It's too hard by myself." Seriously?

When I got home I asked him if he took them to the dog park...he said yes. Disturbingly, I had to do a quick eyeball on the dogs to see how tired they were, before I believed him. Sad, I know, but in ten years this man has NEVER taken them to the dog park by himself. Seriously.

Anyway...I am thinking I could probably go on forever, but I won't.


  1. That sucks! Who got hit by the drunk driver?? Are they OK? JR sounds kind of cute.

  2. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, they have to give you reasonable accommodations and working half days is very reasonable (will not cause them undue hardship -- that is, that it would require significant difficulty or expense).

  3. Yeah I know about the reasonable blah blah blah....they just felt the need to take their time talking to the ADA and I'm sure their legal people.

    You need to adopt JR. You would love him.

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