Monday, August 31, 2009

Argh!!! So, last night I am sleeping very peacefully, all snuggled down in my bed. When all of a sudden a very loud buzzing noise wakes me. It's in or around my right ear. (shudder)

Arms waving, and slapping at the right side of my head, head shaking, I'm rolling all over the bed trying to get away from this buzzing sound. (shudder)

After a few minutes I didn't hear the sound anymore. All I can hear is my heart slamming inside my ribcage. I guess you could say I was kinda freaked out. I lay in my bed, eyes wide open for about two hours, waiting for the bug to move inside my ear canal, maybe stretch a tentacle or something. I dozed off a few times after that, but I kept jarring myself awake with the feeling that something was crawling around inside my head.

My husband came home from work and I asked him to look with a flashlight. He claims he can't see anything, asked me if I was smoking pot because he thinks I'm being paranoid. "No I was not fucking smoking pot!!! There is a bug in my fucking ear and it's gross!" He thought it was hilarious. The turd.

So now I'm going to go fill my ear canal with mineral oil and see if I can get the little fucker out. It's got to be dead by now with all smashing, and head slapping, and whatnot. I don't hear any buzzing anymore, but I can still
feel it in there. Shudder.

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