Monday, August 10, 2009

My cat is hot. And when I say hot I mean overheated.

My cat, Fitz. AKA Fat Cat was a little hot today. He is so fat that two things make his hair rub off in strategic places: His lower nipple area because it's the only place he can reach to lick, and his inner thighs because they rub together. My question is this: How come I still have to shave my whatevers? Cuz, all my shit rubs together. It's not fair! At least he still has hair on his hoohah. Maybe he just can't reach....

Oh and by the way, before any of you cat people get up in arms about how unhealthy my cat is....let me tell you something....

I got this cat out of a dumpster along with his four brothers about seven years ago. I thought he was a she and named her(him) Ella, after Ella Fitzgerald. He was not small. Even at four weeks old, he was twice the size of his litter mates. After adopting out his brothers we kept him. I already had two other male cats that were around two years old. I feed all three of them the same amount of food every day, (dry) and it doesn't matter. He is just naturally fat. The Vet says that he is healthy considering. So anyway....I basically just wanted to share this porno kitty picture with you. :-)

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