Thursday, October 01, 2009

Not Sure Why

Yesterday was my first day of school for the fall term. Ugh. I'm not sure why but I feel enormous amounts of guilt right now.

I feel guilty for being gone all day from the house. Not sure why... since both the hubby and the son sleep during the day and I am doing nothing but laundry anyway.

My son is going through a hard time right now with learning to be an adult, and I feel guilty that I am not "there" for him. Not sure why... since when I do try to talk with him and give him advice, he just looks sullenly off into the distance and tells me, "You just wouldn't get it, Mom."

I have one class today and I feel guilty because I am going to take the car. Not sure why... but I do.

Yesterday my son woke early enough to drive me to the bus stop. I only had to change buses once, and it only took and hour and twenty minutes to get there! My first class was at 11. then another class at 12:00, then another at 2, then another at 4:30. Then I got to go home on the bus, but this time it was a different bus from the one I took to get there, because the original one is out of service by this time. Then the bus I was on went out of service halfway to the Eugene Station, so I got to ride on yet another bus to the station, then hop on a different bus to go home. Oh but alas, this bus only goes
part way to my house.

So, I called my son to pick me up, and while standing near the Shell station waiting for him, I had some guy ask me what I would do for twenty bucks.
Seriously? I flipped him the bird and told him he owed me twenty bucks. I ain't cheap ya know. The son finally arrived. I arrived home around 8. Ugh.

I think I might go relieve some of my guilt. Maybe stop in to church, give confession, get an, "It's all good." from the priest and go from there. What do ya think?

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