Friday, November 13, 2009

True Story

Once upon a Thursday a woman went to the store. She was driving her pickup and brought her two dogs with her like she always did. These two dogs are inseparable. One is a mutt, the other is a lab.

Ten minutes after arriving at the store, the woman went outside and discovered someone had stolen the lab. She knew there was no way her dog would have ever jumped out of the truck, and if she had, then her mutt would have followed.

After calling police and being informed that this was the latest modus operandi of the local tweeker community to obtain reward money, and there was nothing they could do about it unless someone witnessed the theft, the woman contacted the vet’s office where the lab was tagged.

Within minutes of speaking to the vet, the vet called the woman back. Someone had “found” her dog. After speaking to the person who had “found” her dog, she was informed by him that he had handed the dog over to someone else, because he didn’t want to put her in his truck. When the woman asked for that person’s number the man didn’t feel “comfortable” giving it out. So eventually the woman came to speak to the person who had her dog.

They did not want to give the woman their address. They wanted to meet on a very creepy, deserted road that is known for meth camps, general crime, and violence. Even the local volunteer fire department doesn’t like to go there without an escort.

The woman was not stupid. She knew that these people were not going to want to give her dog back without compensation. She did not go into the situation unarmed either. Arriving at the predetermined spot, and assessing the situation she knew she would have to make this fast. Standing alone was a three-toothed-woman holding the stolen dog by a men’s belt. Standing near a car about a hundred yards down the road, were three men.

The dog owner immediately saw that it was her dog. The tweeker woman immediately saw that this was not going to be as easy as she thought. The dog owner did not give her time to think. She grabbed her dog, which immediately jumped into the back of the truck. The tweeker lady’s jaw dropped and hung there when after demanding a reward since she “found” the dog, the woman just said, “nope”, jumped in her rig and got the heck outta there.

I just wanted to put the word out. Don’t offer a reward. And when one is asked for, it is obviously not deserved. If you can prove it’s your dog, just grab it and run. Fucking tweekers.

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