Thursday, June 17, 2010

Early morning awakenings . . .

At 5:32 AM this morning it became apparent that one of my girls is actually a boy.  I sleep with the window open and the coop is about 15 feet from my bedroom and I heard this strange sound.  It was reminiscent of a squeaky wheel.  Sort of.  But it was intermittent, so I thought it was my window fan at first.  I turned off the fan, and listened . . .nope, still there.  And yes, it was coming from the coop area.  I threw some shoes on, went outside and stood next to the coop.  Yup, definitely coming from inside.  I open the coop, but I couldn't tell who was making the noise, but I think it's the one now named Jo.  Oh well, it was bound to happen.  He's the big white one in the middle.  But now I have to say after going outside to take that picture, I think they are all roosters except the white frizzle.  Crap. I can't get everything right the first time I guess.

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