Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One Would Think I Would Learn

Wow.  I know it's been a while since I wrote, and I apologize to my faithful readers. Um, all 12 of you.  In my own defense, I have been a little busy with life and, well to be honest with you I am also a Facebook crack-head, junkie.  I'm thinking about going to meetings; doing the 12-step thing, but I am not ready to give it up yet.

So in the mean time let me tell you what I've been up to other than Cafe World.  About a month ago, we decided to get some more chickens.  The three we have here at The Super Star Chicken Ranch seemed to be getting a little bored with each other so we thought we would ad some more to the mix.

"J-Zee", our rooster has frankly been kind of a asshole, and I figured it was because he was getting bored with only two hens, "Cher" and "Lady Gaga", to leap upon at random.  So off to the feed store we went.  The chicks we got were barely two days old and the cutest things ever.  I don't remember what kind they were but just cute.

The Man-child decided that he wanted to keep them in his room until they were ready for the outside world.  He even wanted to name them.  Sigh.  Skeletor and Xavier.

To make that part of the story short, Mazzy got into the room and "protected" us from one of these strange new creatures that had come into our house.  R.I.P. Skeletor.  We went to the feed store a few days later and got "Megatron", since Xavier was lonely.  A week after that, a door was not shut all the way, and I came home to be presented with two limp chicks at the front door.  R.I.P. Xavier and Megatron.

Now, I want something to be clear here.  I do not in any way blame my dog Mazzy for this.  Since she was a pup and we discovered that she had this innate ability to kill nutria quickly and cleanly, she has been praised for this. We used to have them all over the yard and now they rarely come to our yard anymore.  The nutria world has gotten the word out to steer clear of our yard. She does not kill cats or anything like that, just the nutria.  So the chickens this past year have been new to her.  I just needed to learn how to balance the two.  Unfortunately at the expense of a few chicken lives.  But they have sacrificed for the greater good I think.

So now, Man-Child has learned to build a chicken-tractor. I'm kinda of excited about this.  No more chickens in the house.

I will try and update more on the success of the Super Star Chicken Ranch at a later date.  In the mean time I am hoping that "Lady Gaga" goes broody so I can have some cute, little banty chicks running around.  Tata for now.

And in case you forgot, here is my first video of them in their first snow.

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  1. Trent7:33 PM

    I can't wait until the new chicks are bigger. More eggs for ME!