Thursday, February 02, 2012

And Then There Were Four

Sometimes my life seems so chaotic that I am amazed that my head doesn't go careening off into never-never land, leaving my surprised body standing in the room with nothing to do.  And those are the days when it it pretty much my own making. But then there are other days, when it slows down, and something just doesn't seem right.  Something is a bit "off".  Yesterday, I had both those days rolled into one.

I have been fostering my younger brother's new 10 week old "free" puppy.  Why am I fostering a dog he just got?  Well, he got her without thinking it through. He had to get clearance where he lived.  In order to do that she needed her shots and tags.  She also will eventually need to get fixed. He has no money.  This is where it gets tricky.

Like I have said previously, some people can't see beyond the cuteness.  But here I am, making sure that Annabelle the puppy doesn't end up as a statistic.

Little Bit the chihuahua went to a new foster yesterday.  Hopefully he will find his new home soon.  But in the mean time, I just thought it was strange to not have him here last night.

Harpo & Buttercup


I think I have empty nest syndrome.  My nest only has three adult dogs, a puppy, one juvenile cat, one old-ass scaredy-cat that mostly lives under the bed,one grown son who is almost old enough to buy beer, one rooster, three hens (I'm pretty sure the third one is a hen anyway),and one husband.  I think I have room for one more.  Yeah, I think I do. 

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