Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas From The Christmas Turd!

~ Hey Lifers!  I'm gonna take a break today, nut in the mean time, I wanna hear about any funny story's from your Christmas morning.  I will definitely need a good laugh in the morning, I'm sure.  

Every year at my Mother's house, myself, my 2 sisters, 5 brothers and all of our kids and all of their kid's (Sometimes I can't believe I'm not even 40 yet.) open presents.  For the past several years we've done "2nd Hand Christmas".  Basically we give gifts that are either from our own house, a 2nd hand store/garage sale, or homemade.  Sometimes we get good shit, sometimes not so much.

But the best present is the "special un-marked present".  Who ever is playing "Santa" usually saves it for last and nonchalantly say's, "This one's not marked.  I don't know who's it is."  Then the greediest little fuckers fight over it, someone "wins", opens it and lo' and behold, it's a fake turd!  Every year we do this.  Every year someone falls for it, and every year it never gets any less funny.  My family is slightly messed up. :-)

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