Monday, October 31, 2005

I'm the Hare, Where's My Pocket Watch?

Waking up late just totally screws up your whole day. Ugh. Ok, so we did the Fall back thing with the time, but you would think that it would give me an extra hour (sort of) in my day. Of course, it doesn't seem to work that way for me.

I over slept today. For some reason I woke up at 8 am on the dot. Instead of 7 am. This is not good. My son has to catch his bus at 8:30. It takes him ten minutes at least, to actually make it out of his bed and into the shower. Then he takes at least a 45 minute shower. I think he sleeps another ten minutes while he's in there, but I'm not sure. So when I woke him I let him know that we were running late, and I might have to drive him to school. ( I hate doing that, only because there is one lane into the school and one lane out. For his school and an elementary school. ARGH!)

Then he gets out of the shower and tells me that he doesn't feel well. I reminded him that it will screw up his perfect attendance for the semester (they have a party for perfect attendance kids). He thinks about that. Then I tell him, that if he is sick, there is no t.v. and no video games. He thinks real hard about that. Then I remind him that today is Halloween. If he is sick today, there will be no going to parties, or trick-or-treating tonight (this is supposed to be his last year doing that). He didn't say a word about that. He just walked into his room and got dressed. We were shortly on our way to school. Funny how things work out, huh? I don't know if it's a mom thing or what, but I am sure I would have known if he was really sick. SO don't think I sent my kid to school sick.

So now I'm an hour off my schedule and still with tons left to do. This is where my talent of multi-tasking come in. For instance, while I write this, I have a load of laundry in the dryer, one in the wash, I have the space heater on high directed at my head, so I won't have to blow dry, I scrubbed the shower out while I was taking a shower, vacuumed the floor while brushing my teeth, and so forth.

Sometimes I even amaze myself. But now I gotta get movin' some more, before my euphoria at multi-tasking wears off.


  1. Don't you have helping hands to assist you?

  2. It was the maids day off. BWAHAHAHA!