Monday, January 23, 2006

Yay! Spring Is Almost Here! Boing Boing!

Ah....the pull of Spring. How could I think that you ask? Easy when you live in the Willamette Valley. Yes, yes I know it's still January. But my daffodils are springing up, already reaching about 5" high.

I want to buy dirt! I want to get manure! I want to drool over all the new toys at the garden center at my local home improvement store! I want to get my knees dirty in my garden while pulling weeds! (Great relaxing activity for me. Especially if you are pissed off at your significant other...If ya gotta kill something...better it be a weed.)

Yesterday I gazed longingly out my window at my yard. My yard may be small, but I utilize a lot of it. Last year along with my flower garden, I had giant pumpkins, jack o-lantern pumpkins, peas (3 kinds), pole beans, tomatoes (five kinds), zucchini, a mystery squash, corn, strawberries, raspberries, cardoons, and artichokes. Oh, and I also have four Gravenstein Apple trees, and two plum trees. I love green stuff.

Whoo hoo!!! Dirty hands, here I come!

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  1. Has the 4 inch's of standing water gone down yet? Or is the ark a floating flower bed? I know....Im itching to go out soon as I don't sink more than my hip boots. I can't wait to get those pumpkins started! I got my "Jerry's" list started! Meet you there....oh and don't let me forget Giant Slug Bait. :)