Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Stick a fork in me I'm done...

I have learned a few things in the past two days.

The first thing is that I am very grateful for spell check on this blog thing here. When you are trippin' on cold medicine, spell check is a very good thing.

I also have learned that karma, kismet, fate, or whatever really exists. The other day I found an awesome deal at the store for cold medicine. Although I wasn't sick, I figured it doesn't hurt to be prepared. And it was cheap. And lo and behold, I get the mother of all colds two days later. How's that for weird?

The other thing, is that I have not had a cold all winter, and a few days ago, my son's grandmother hands me a bottle of Omega 3 pills. I guess they are some kind of fish oil vitamin thing. She says they are supposed to boost your immune system. Mmm, is that so? Then why did I get this bitch of a cold a few days after starting to take these things. They also give me the burps. And I'm not talking about small, little polite burps you can hide behind your hand. I'm talking about big, loud, excuuuuse meeee belches, that smell like I swalled a few goldfish. Gross, trust me.

I have also discovered that the sitcoms on T.V. that make light of the situation of the mom being sick and the household practically falls apart, is not really all that far from the truth. Yesterday I tried to just lay on the couch all day and relax. You know, try to catnap blah blah blah. I just plain old did not feel good. My husband, attempted to make my day easier in a number of ways.

He brought me both my cell phone and the house phone so I would not have to get up to answer them. (He apparently didn't understand that it was perfectly all right for him to answer the phone.) He brought the laundry into the living room so he could ask me how to fold everything, and where it went. (I'm not kidding, each and every article of clothing required instruction according to him.) Anyway, lets just say that I didn't get much of a nap yesterday, so I am going to try to sneak one in today. I'm trying to think of an errand that will take him out of the house for at least two hours. Sigh...I'm not having much luck though.

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