Monday, July 17, 2006

Da Da Da DAhhhh, Super-Kimberly!!!

I had to put this picture in. This is me about a thousand years, 130 dye jobs and 20 pounds ago. I do believe I was on a "trip" with Sonja at the time in her mom's Maverick. I recall we had no FM on the radio at the time, so we listened to a lot of weird shit on AM. And yes, my feet really are that big. Shut up.

So tomorrow is the big day. What day, you ask? The day when my best friend Sonja and I do something stupid for my birthday. There is actually two days a year we do this; her birthday (December) and mine. Tomorrow is not actually my birthday by the way, just in case anyone wants to wish me a good one. It's in a couple weeks, but I will be out of state at my husband's family reunion on my actual birthday. Whoop-ee! I sooo can't wait.

So anyway, when she mentioned going and doing something tomorrow I had thought she just meant lunch, but then she said, "you know, for your birthday." Oh yeahhhh, I had actually forgotten about it. The big Double Three. Dos Tres. (Look Sonja! Spanish! Aren't you proud?) Anyway, this should be interesting.

Looking back on birthday expeditions. Yes, I use the word expedition because that is what this is. A search for something. What, we are not sure, but we know it when we find it. Then the expedition turns into a trip.

Which then turns into a holiday, then you name it, that's what we can call it: errand (to pick up our youth where we left off), excursion (a brief trip to insanity), flight (from whatever is chasing us, hopefully not a cougar this time...), hop (used to, can't anymore; too old), jaunt (makes me think of some weird British guy walking up a hill with a cane and a spring in his step), outing (of our minds), drive (which way, left or right? Flip a coin.), ride (white knuckled usually, screaming also but in a fun way, watch those dang corners!), spin (done that too, almost threw up); odyssey (that might be the name for it this year), progress (God, I hope so.), quest (for inner youth? Or just the perfect margarita?), safari (Now wouldn't that be cool?)

Anyway, I told my husband that Sonja and I are taking off tomorrow for the bi-annual birthday foray thing. Not even looking up from his paper, he just said "Ok." Hmm? Usually he is way more curious than that. Quizzing me about what we are going to do, this and that. I guess he's learned the hard way. We never know what we are going to do until we do it. It's more fun that way. Plus, it might be because the last time he asked us how our trip was when we got back, I think we just started laughing like idiots. We never did give him a straight answer.

Wish us luck and fun in our adventure, and I'll let you know if we need bail money. Ta ta for now...


  1. I also think I stole that jacket from Sonja. She didnt like it. What does she know? Look how cool I am. HA!

  2. Super Sonja2:09 PM

    Actually I did like the jacket, and my blue zip-up hooded sweatshirt. Well ya didn't stick around long enough for the good stuff, I won't write about it, your the writer. All I have to say is; now I now why people just drive by. Later.

  3. ingrid3:11 PM

    OK.....where did you go, what did you do, who did you put in jail, or save their lives this time? Fess up. We are waiting for details......IO