Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ewe Were My Bitch of the Day

Some people are just stupid bitches. There I said it, my friend Mandy would be proud.

Today we were slammed at work. And I mean
slammed! I worked 8-5 today and starting at 11 am we just starting getting hit. I know it's game day for the local college and a bunch of other things going on, but jeez....did all the other stores close at once and re-route traffic to us?!?! I, alone did about $2000 more than a usual Saturday.

So the Bitch in question: Scenario is this....all six check stands have at least ten sheep (#9) waiting in line. Some with one or two things, some with several items, but everyone is being patient and polite for the most part.

I'm getting ready to ring up some things for a couple that I would say had been waiting for about ten minutes. The Bitch walks up to the front end of my check stand (where the bagger would normally stand), waves two $1 bills in one hand and a candle that we have on display in the other and says, "Just put the penny in the Red Cross jar." and turns to go.

Me: "Excuse me?"

Bitch: "I don't
need my penny." Talking to me like I'm mentally challenged or something.

Me: "Ma'am, you need to get in line just like everyone else." I gestured to the 15 sheep in my line.

Bitch: "I was already in line. I paid for my stuff,
now I want this." She waves the candle in front of my face just in case I didn't see it the first time.

Me: "I understand that, but you need to get back in line in order to pay."

Bitch that is thick as a brick: "I was already in line. Just take my money. It's a $1.99 in case you didn't know."

Me: "Ma'am, I am going to help these people," I gestured to the still patient couple, "if you would like to buy the candle, you're going to have to get back in line somewhere." I turned to help the other people while Thick Bitch stood there with her mouth open.

She then threw the candle down with a huff, and left. Whatever. Oh yeah....well...


(By the way, for those of you who think I should of just rang up her item to get her out of there, or thought I over reacted....If I had let her do it..."she only had one item", especially as busy as we were, than whose to say I shouldn't let the other sheep with just one thing do the same? do you know how many sheep come through our lines with just one case of beer, or just one case of water? I couldn't help imagining after letting her do it, the stampede that would of followed.)

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  1. Haha! You have learned well, grasshopper! I think you handled that situation perfectly. Uppity sheep need to get bitch slapped.