Thursday, December 10, 2009

Brrrr Freaking Brrrrrr

Yesterday I was driving to school to take my last final of the Fall term and noticed that there were almost no other cars on the road. It was after the usual get-to-work crowd, but still, there should have been more people.

This morning I figured it out. It freaking 19 degrees outside! Right now. Are they kidding me? This is the valley for Pete's sake! OK maybe not the San Fernando Valley, but it's still the valley. It's not the mountains, where it is supposed to be 19 freaking degrees. No one wants to leave their homes and I don't blame them. My dogs don't want to either.

Harpo and Daisy run outside, pee right outside the door and run back in. No amount of coaxing seems to get them to stay out long enough to work out a poop. Sooooo, guess what I woke up to this morning? Surprise!! Poop on the floor! Just what I always wanted. NOT!

Since this cold snap started, I think Mazzy's wolf instincts have kicked in. Have you ever watched a nature show depicting wolves in the wild? It seems that the small critters come out when it is butt-ass cold out to forage for food, I guess. That seems to be the case here at Wild Life Ranch. Mazzy knows that they are out there too. So far since this cold snap began, she has gotten out of the yard three times. She even figured out that if she took a running leap at this plum tree that is next to the fence, she can base jump off it, and over the fence. Well shit, that tree is getting super-pruned. I think that maybe, just maybe if it gets at least to thirty degrees today, I'll take the dogs to the dog park. Although Mazzy seems to be the only one really interested in going outside, they all could use the exercise, myself included.

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