Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hiding in Plain Sight (a series of Western haiku with photos)

up at 6 am
meow now meow 
kick the cat

back door open
the still rain coming down
the dogs bark
rooster crows
rubber boots on the feet
chickens eat

step over shit
cat can't find the damn box
"no one" sees 

water gurgles loudly
pot brews hot
cup fills nicely at last

refill the cat again
another mess
soon to clean up today

wet dogs muddy prints
towel dry
why no matter at all

computer runs
the lifeblood of the lonely
could be worse

he talks now
only one hour to go
'til the silence

less for me
nothing but the excuses
more for them

wait for later
four walls closing in
door stays shut

no one calls
the lives of many rule
long ass day

Invisible life
fly in the soup you watch
drown for ever

birds fly in
eating seed as being watched
Oh to be free of it

dogs out soon
coming back in again
always again and again

rim of round
circles of travail never ending
make it stop

no control
existing as it is told 
smothers her

hunting now
searching for the release
still hidden

time for bed
tomorrow is another day
to replay

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