Monday, June 27, 2011

What the heck happened?!?

So the hubby has decided on a career change.  Ish.  After nearly 20 years in the customer service industry, he has decided he would rather work in the kitchen, or the "back of the house" as it is called in the biz.  He once worked as a sous chef at a very hoity toity French bistro in Colorado and he wants to get back to that.  Which I think is great!  However, I am wondering when?

So far he is doing a favor for a former employer and working one day a week in the kitchen for him.  I think he enjoys it for the most part.

Except, instead of putting his head into getting that new, fantastic job that he is so ready for, he is planning on building me a deck.  A deck I don't really want.  Actually, I want it, but just not where he wants it.  He got all the materials for free, so he figures "why not?".  I'll tell you why not.  The man called AAA when his battery died in the car and he couldn't get the cable off; after being together for over ten years, I have never known him to build a sandcastle, let alone an entire deck.  Ah well, we shall see.  He's building it under the apple tree (sigh, I know), so maybe I'll get a tree house.  YAY!  Oh wait.  I had that pruned.  Okaaaaaay . . . maybe I'll get a tree house that's only a foot off of the ground. 

I, on the other hand have been going through our stuff to have a yard sale.  I haven't had one in a few years and I figured we had a ton of shit we could get rid of.  My mistake.  Just a few pounds of shit.

My hubby is a pack rat.  Although I must say, he shocked me when he said I could sell the big-ass, vintage stereo cabinet that has been in my bedroom forever.  And the old stereo receiver that hasn't been hooked up to anything even resembling a speaker for just as long.  Totally unbelievable.

I am just sick and tired of living in what I see as a storage unit with windows.  I like "cozy", but this is getting ridiculous. I am going to keep adding to the pile for the next week and a half and see what else I can get rid of.  YAY!

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  1. Is it bad that I read this post and got excited that my lack of mechanical skills wouldn't prevent me from finding an eventual person to trick into love?

    Last night, I had to call my friends to open the hood of my car. I had spent an hour attempting it. And failed. Hard.