Tuesday, August 23, 2011


If I had a dollar for every time that I have witnessed people who were either phoney or just plain full of shit I would be a fricking zillionaire.  Today I was at a place with my husband and a chick came in to start on her first day.  Not sure how she got the job, but whatever.  As I sat there watching her get trained I just wanted to scream at the manager....FIRE HER NOW! SAVE YOURSELF THE TROUBLE!  SHE IS A FREAK!

Yeah, old customer of the hubby.  If there is one thing about a smallish town it is this:  There are two people who you do not want to piss off, piss on, throw up on or otherwise irritate in any way.  One is your doctor/gyno, and the other is your bartender.  They know EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU!  One has some oath thing, and confidentiality bullshit they have to follow.  The other . . . not so much. 

My hubby is a nice guy.  He tries not to let himself use your drunken behavior against you.  Your doctor by law can not tell anyone about the funky rash that you are sporting in the nether regions.  But I, my swilling acquaintance, will use everything I know about you to judge you all I want.  Freak. 

Dear God.  Sorry I am a bad person.  Please forgive me when I do it again.  Thank you.  Please stop sending people to online bar-tending school. 

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