Monday, July 25, 2011

You Don't Know What You've Got 'Til It's Gone

This last week I almost expired.  I paced the floor.  I pulled on my hair constantly.  I cleaned.  I know! I bathed my dogs.  I did all the laundry in the house all in one day.  (Which if you know me at all, you know that that is a miracle).  I mowed the lawn.  I rearranged the back yard.  Sounds weird, but it CAN be done.

As I write this I am smelling gravy.  Not the crappy, white gravy that you can get on the never the less tasty biscuits and gravy at Dari-Mart, but the yummy brown gravy that you used to get at school on the instant mashed potatoes.

I am using the free wi-fi at Shari's.  Thank God for Shari's.  Except that I have four bucks to my name and I am pretty sure that the coffee I am going to drink gallons of because of free refills is three.

I have found that being without Internet access at home is damn hard.  I am spoiled.  I need to have instant access to the information highway at all times.  And that is all there is to it!

I had to actually look up something in a phone book yesterday.  Yes, I said phone book.  That is after I found one.  Every year, sometimes twice a year, we receive four to five phone books on our door step.  All by different companies.  I recycle all but one, and use the last one to use as fire-starter.  But yesterday I had to scrounge around the Hubby's man-room to find one that I knew he had stashed.  Apparently he wanted to keep it because he liked the picture on the front.  Pack-rats can be handy sometimes.

Unfortunately it was from 2003, and not as helpful as I had hoped.  So I said "fuck-it" and figured I didn't need the number that bad and went out and had a small fire in the ol' fire-pit while sipping a medicinal glass of wine.

I now cannot get this song out of my head!

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