Friday, November 23, 2012

Ducks, Animal Control & Suspicious Activity

Early this afternoon I forced myself to go out and run some errands.  Quickie bank run, post office, the normal shit that I put off.  

As I walked up to the ATM at the credit union I noticed something weird.  A small black duck, just minding its own business, but definitely should not have been there.  It didn't seem to mind the foot traffic in this strip mall, people walking into the bank and the Subway lunch-time traffic.  I walked by with Buttercup (who didn't even notice) and the duck didn't even look up from its snack of potato chips someone gave it.  

I cannot leave a domestic duck in a strip mall to fend for itself.  I asked the security dude what he knew.  It had been their since at least 6 am, when he arrived for work.  In my experience ducks don't just wander off to Subway, so I figured someone dumped it.  People are shitty.

So, I went home to get one my animal crates, put some straw in there and back to the strip mall I went.  It's one of those things that I do not have a second thought about.  

While I was there rounding up this duck, (took about 5 minutes), I thought it was interesting how many people stopped to watch but not one person asked how they could help.  Remember, this duck has been here for at least 6 hours. One woman came over to hold the crate open after I caught the duck since both my hands were full of bird.  Several people did choose to criticize my technique; telling me that I was stressing the bird. It's not like I was chasing it while wearing a hockey mask while waving a meat cleaver.  Or while wearing an Elmer Fudd mask ("Duck season. Rabbit season. Duck Season!) Seriously? I don't think 5 minutes of me debating on how to catch this fucker is going to scar this duck for life.  I did politely ask those people to shut the fuck up unless they were going to help.  They left.

Without a safe place for this duck to hang out I had no choice but to take it to the humane society.  I know that they keep a list of people willing to take funky animals that get turned in.  I used to volunteer there.

The one thing I can honestly bitch about this place is that they are highly suspicious of people turning in animals.  They question you on where you found it and all that.  The problem at this shelter is that if it is found outside city limits (totally lame) they wont take it.  And there is NO OTHER PLACE.  And no matter how truthful I am, I always feel like I'm lying or trying to convince them of my sincerity.  Irks me to no end.  The kennel peeps asked me three times where I found it, probably because when they ran my address, they saw that I live in "county".  It's funny how my house is "county" but my neighbors on either side are "city".  Makes shit like this a pain in the ass.  Makes it also hard for the po po to figure out who should come out if I need help.  City cops or County sheriff?  I'm pretty sure it would come down to rock, paper, scissors for them in the 911 dispatch room.   But I digress.

Anyhow, the duck is safe, I posted a note on Craigslist about it, so I'm pretty sure it will find a home.  

Welcome to my wild life.  I can't even go to the bank without stepping on a duck.  

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