Thursday, September 15, 2005

I Think I'm Going to Bad Mother's Prison/Hell

I'm a terrible mother. So bad. Sigh...

While cleaning my kitchen today, (well, kinda cleaning, moving things around anyway) I discovered my son's math homework sitting on the kitchen table. Well, I don't want my kid to get in trouble or get a bad grade for not turning it in, so I grabbed it up, hopped in the car, and went down to the school.

I pulled into the lot and went to jump out of the car, when I realized what shirt I was wearing. White shirt with the words, "If you don't like my attitude, fuck you." on it. Oh and a rendition of Mickey Mouse flipping you the bird. So, I'm thinking, oh crap. I didn't want the office biddy's talking smack about my kid's mom, so what do I do? I got the bright idea of whipping off my shirt to turn it inside out. Pretty smart, huh?

Nope. It wasn't until after I got my shirt off, that I realized I wasn't wearing a bra. Don't get me wrong, I have descent boobies, but I have never had the desire to show them off in my kid's school parking lot. Oh, did I mention my car was facing the Elementary school at the time? Well, let's just say that the seats in my car, do not recline far enough for it to be satisfactory for me to avoid being seen. Ugh.

And if that wasn't bad enough, after I get into the office, I realize that you can still see the letters through the shirt, although backwards. So, I was kinda folding my arms across my chest. But when I noticed the office biddy's eyes roaming down, it came to my attention that whether Mickey was inside out or not, you are still getting flipped off. Crap. I suck. I couldn't get out of there fast enough.

So much for me getting the Mother of the Year award.


  1. That's hilarious! Hey, you were cleaning--it's not like you were robbin' the local bank! But oh well, I'm sure you gave the folks a good laugh!

  2. Thanks for the laugh!