Saturday, September 17, 2005

Have I....?

I stole this meme from the site Aint It Amzing who stole it from Melody who stole this from Sue , who stole it from Sheri who stole it from her sister-in-law Sandra.

smoked a cigarette ... yes
crashed a friend's car.... I can't remember, I plead the fith
stolen a car . . . Nope
been in love ... Thought I was once, now I definitely am
been dumped .... Hell yeah, worse than the worst
shoplifted... Not on purpose
been fired ... Oh yeah...Many times
been in a fist fight ... High school I was ambushed, and I might of started a few in a later life
snuck out of your parent's house..... yes, of course (I was bad)
had feelings for someone who didn't have them back. .. Once
ever been arrested? . . . Nope
gone on a blind date...A few, left one when he asked if I was wearing panties during the desert course
lied to a friend ... Not ever
skipped school .... Once in a while.
seen someone die... Saw a guy in a bar once have a heart attack and was dead before he hit the floor. But he died while playing pool and drinking beer. How bad can that be?
been to Canada.... Nope
been to Mexico ... Nope
been on a plane .... Bunches of times, but the worst was being trapped in Denver due to fog for three days at the airport with my Chihuahua in tow
purposely set a part of yourself on fire - uh. No, what the hell kind of question is that?
eaten Sushi...... yes, like some
been skiing..... Nope, not on purpose
met someone in person from the internet . . . yes
been moshing at a concert .... No, what's moshing? LOL . . .
taken pain-killers . . . yep, best invention ever
love someone or miss someone right now . . . yes, miss a lot of people
laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by ... Yup, but not lately.
made a snow angel ..... Grew up in Minnesota, so I guess that would be a yes
had a tea party .... Nope
flown a kite. . . Yup
built a sand castle .... Yup, but they always look like crap.
gone puddle jumping .... Does puddle splashing count?
played dress up . . . All the time, still do.
cheated while playing a game.......Yeah, but don't tell anyone.
been lonely . . . All the time
fallen asleep at work/school .... Both.
used a fake id..... Nope, never had to. . .
watched the sun set. . . yes, best one was on my wedding day after the ceremony
felt an earthquake ..... yes, in my water bed. Weird feeling, I'll tell yah!Touched a snake....... yes
slept beneath the stars...... Yes, and was awake all night waiting for the bears to come eat me
been tickled. . . Unfortunately yes
been robbed . . . Had my purse stolen, sucks.
been misunderstood . . . Chronically
petted a reindeer/goat ...Does it count if you use your car?
won a contest ... YES I DID! I won front row tickets to see Diamond Rio, by finding five plants using their Latin names at a plant nursery in less than 9 min and 97 sec. I did it even after the automatic sprinklers turned on. Fuckers.
ran a red light... I plead the fith
been suspended from school.... nope
been in a car accident ... Does it count if I was the only one involved? HA
had braces. . . Not on my teeth
eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night...... I don't like ice cream
had deja vu. . . I think so.
danced in the moonlight ......a little dancing, a little howling, a little drinking, possibly mooning...(wink wink, Sonja. :-)
witnessed a crime ........ Maybe
questioned your heart . . . . No
been obsessed with post-it notes . . . Oh hell yeah, when I realized that I lost my mind, I had to put post it notes on everything. (stole that one, but oh so true)
squished barefoot through the mud . . . One of my favorite pastimes
been lost.... Never. And wouldn't admit it if I had been.
been to the opposite side of the country... a few times.
swam in the ocean .... Not on purpose
felt like dying.......Never
cried yourself to sleep .... Cried myself pissed off, works better for me that way
recently colored with crayons .... Nope
sung karaoke....More times than I can count!!
paid for a meal with only coins . . . Dollar menu at McD's. Nothing wrong with that!
done something you told yourself you wouldn't.....Lots
laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose..... Maybe
caught a snowflake on your tongue . . . Lots
danced in the rain . . . Naked even.
written a letter to Santa Claus . . . I don't remember
been kissed under a mistletoe .... Been a while
watched the sun rise with someone you care about?. . . Yup
blown bubbles...I don't know anyone named Bubbles.
made a bonfire on the beach . . . yes, and still froze my ass off!
crashed a party. . . I don't remember
gone roller-skating....... Oh God the memories...Ah, Skateworld.
had a wish come true ...The best one, yes
worn pearls ... yes
jumped off a bridge ... No, and don't want to, you can't make me
told a complete stranger you loved them. . . I don't think so
kissed a mirror . . . The fith again
sang in the shower .... Every day, and lets just say that I would not make a very good exotic dancer either, unless you are into the wiggly-jiggly kind.
had a dream that you married someone .... Yeah, but it did not come true, cuz, I've never met Mel Gibson. Yummy!
glued your hand to something..... Who told you?!?
got your tongue stuck to a flag pole.... Nope
kissed a fish... What the hell kind of question is that?
sat on a roof top ... Yeah, but not for long, it was sloping.
screamed at the top of your lungs. . . Guilty
done a one-handed cartwheel....Long ago
talked on the phone for more than 6 hours ...Long ago
stayed up all night.... Not if I can help it
didn't take a shower for a week. . . Only if you don't count the "creek bath".
pick and ate an apple right off the tree . . . Hell no.
climbed a tree . . . Yup, and fell down too
had a tree house . . . No, I was deprived
had a complete stranger tell you You are Hot..... Every day. (Shut up, Sonja! It's true no matter what you say!)
met someone you swear you have met in another life .... Uh...No.


  1. I call Bullshit! I think Artie would qualify as a fish. LMAO!!!

  2. a dead fish, too! I had forgotten about him.

  3. Sonja9:57 AM

    Do you remember how far his earlobes hung down, remember what Mama said....

  4. Shut up. (That's all I got. sigh.)