Saturday, September 24, 2005

Yet Again, People Are Trying To Profit From a Disaster

It amazes me the sneaky and sometimes vicious things some will do to make money at the expense of others. Read the Washington Post article and you will see what I mean.

From registering domain names with the words "Rita" or Hurricane relief" in them, to generate traffic, to trying to auction off a burnt piece of toast with the hurricane symbol on it on eBay. Give me a break.

As if the feds don't have better things to do than monitoring the scum that attempt to make money from tragedies such as these. But of course that doesn't occur to them. All these "people" worry about is making a buck. They probably figure that it is not affecting them, since they live in the north or someplace no where near the Gulf coast.

I'd like to know how they would feel if a disaster hit their area or their house and property. Do you think they would describe it as "Free Enterprise" when some asshole tries to profit from their suffering? I think not. And of course the profitting would be disguised as a way to help victims.

So to everyone out there that really wants to help: Stick with donating to those organizations you know you can trust, like the Red Cross or The Humane Society. And stay away from anything you don't recognize.

And if you do come across a suspicious website or other publication advertising relief or money in any way to the latest disasters, report them to The Internet Fraud Complaint Center. They are in partnership with the FBI. Let's get them suckers!

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