Saturday, November 19, 2005

Can A Smile Get Any Bigger Than This?

The other day, my kid came home from school and while he was walking by, casually handed me an envelope. A big one. Oh gee.

As I started to follow him into his room, the unopened envelope in my hand, I had dread in my heart. What could this be? What did he do? I did a quick u-turn and went into the kitchen. I decided in that split second that I should not jump to conclusions. It might be nothing. And it could be something really bad, and I didn't want him to see the look on my face when I opened it.

With a deep breath, I tore it open. And then wished he could of seen the look on my face, because it mostly consisted of a smile a mile wide. My kid made the Honor Roll.

Yup, that's right, I said, "My kid". The one person in this world, that I can say is mine. The one person that I have the most influence on. The person who actually has to listen to me when I give advice or instruction. The person who has my attitude, and sometimes sarcastic mouth, strangely mixed with his father's quiet, laid back personality. Despite the odds, he made the Honor Roll. Pretty damn great, huh? I am so proud of my kid.


  1. I can across your site via Blog Explosion, and after reading this post I just had to comment so here goes.

    WAY TO GO!! lol. Seriously though, you must be soooo proud of him :o)

  2. That's putting it mildly. It doesn't get any better than this.