Monday, November 21, 2005

Wires to the Left of Me, Wires to the Right.....

Note to Self: When rearranging your living room, be prepared to instantly become an electronics engineer.

Two years ago we got our last puppy. Two years ago was the last time I rearranged the living room. We have a surround sound system, that also has two game systems, a DVD player, CD player, tape player and VCR hooked to it. Most of it quit working about a week after we got our last dog, due to wires that got eaten. We just never had the energy to fix it. But last night I decided to move my furniture around.

I figured that if I just unhooked all the wires from everything, then I could just rewire it in a different location in the room. I decided this because I couldn't figure out how my husband had hooked it all up in the first place. I would just do it my way. Seemed like a good plan at the time.

The first thing I had to do was barricade the dogs out of the living room. Not a small feat considering that Mazzy, our youngest, can jump a five foot fence with ease. But it worked out ok, because apparently she had never thought that jumping a couch would be easy compared to the fence.

I thought that I would have to do a kind of a trial and error type thing with the wires, since I had absolutely no clue how to do this. It's supposed to be easy since all the wires are color coded. Black in the black holes, red in the red holes. Yeah, right. There are approximately 30 different black and red holes. UGH!!

Anyway, three hours later, and I was patting myself on the back. Not only because I got it all working, but I actually got stuff to work that my husband couldn't figure out the last time. I had to call him at work and brag. I also called to tell him not to touch anything. I could just picture him thinking that he could make it better somehow. Why? Because he's a man of course.

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