Friday, December 02, 2005

Do They Make Slings For Your Brain?

My brain hurts. I think I pulled a muscle in it. Is that really possible, I wonder? Ow, damn I did it again.

A few days ago my husband and I got new cell phones. We have had the same phones for about three years or so, and we were quite used to them, as crappy as they were. But it was time. When they arrived I was so excited. My plan was to get them out of the boxes, study the directions, and have everything ready for me to show my superior intellect to my husband when he awoke. HA! And of course my plan, as always, went awry.

My husband woke up before I even had them out of the boxes. To give some a small clue, trying to do anything like this with him, is like trying to put together that Christmas bicycle with a six year old "helping". ARGH! Gotta love him, though.

Anyway, we soon discovered that you pretty much have to have been through some kind of NASA/MENSA training camp to figure these things out. Oh well, we're getting there though.

So, as if my tired brain didn't have enough to deal with, I started my motorcycle riding class. I have always wanted to have a motorcycle. Since, well, forever. But it's a little hard to test drive that bike, if you have no idea how to ride one.

Last night was my first class. It's a pretty cool thing for the most part. Basically you take this course, which involves three days of equal parts classroom and actually riding the motorcycles. They provide the bikes and helmets and stuff.

Last night was three hours of classroom. They covered the basics. Ugh. I had no idea you had to be so coordinated to ride a motorcycle. Let's just say it is a little daunting. Without going into much detail, there are about twenty zillion things you have to do at any given time, involving all of your fingers and toes. No kidding. When I was listening to the instructions on how we have to actually shift these things, my arm was immediately raised to ask the question, if they make automatic bikes. (I drive a stick-shift, but this is a little more complicated than that, trust me.)

So today, I am studying the book a little more. It has all these little diagrams of where the clutch is, and brakes and other little necessary doo-dads. Tomorrow is the first four hours of on-the-bike-training, and I figured it wouldn't hurt to make sure I don't get the clutch confused with the brake. My brain throbs just thinking about it. Wish me luck!

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  1. Ingrid11:08 AM

    Did I ever mention my experiences with a dirt motorcycle and what leaves your mind when heading for a street while "oops" taking a wrong turn on a downhill slope? I believe it has to do with "Where the HELL is the BRAKE!" and other exciting words. Remember your crash experiences with the "Bicycles of your Youth". How you grew up is beyond me. Now a Motorcycle? It's a bicycle with more things to do. PS. Brake is on the handle with the gas. Thats so you can brake and speed up at the same time. IO