Saturday, December 10, 2005

Gee, I love Oregon weather. Especially here in the valley. We get rain, or at least wetness of some kind, most of the year. On any normal given day we could get at least an hour of sprinkles and then miraculously the sun comes out. It's as if the "weather gods" are goofing off and all of a sudden realize that they haven't made it rain in Oregon yet, and a little is better than none.

However much I love this place though, I am getting a little tired of the chilliness of late. It's not supposed to get below 40 degrees in the valley. What's up? I have lived in Minnesota and Indiana, and there is a reason why I don't anymore. Ugh.

And I love checking the temperature sometimes. It's a game of "can you guess what it is?" Right now as I type, this is what I have:

The Weather Pixie on my blog says it's 23 F.

The Weather Channel says it's 24 F (I find it interesting that on the screen, right next to the current temp, it says today's low is 34 F.)

The temp thingee in my truck says it's 18 F. (I think that might be because the sensor is currently, at this moment frozen inside the windshield. Just guessing on that.)

And sadly, I cannot read my garden thermometer. I think the little garden gnome that was holding it, gotta little pissy, smashed the thermometer, and took off for warmer climates last winter. Oddly, enough he looks a lot like the gnome on the commercials for travel.

I know that I shouldn't whine. It will just make things go badly for me. So I am going to also put the statements in of what I am thankful for right this minute.

I am thankful that I don't live near my dad at this very moment. Why? Because he lives in Minnesota. And because it's.....uh oh. I was going to put down that it was something like 10 F or something. But apparently it's 27 F there right now. Well ok, it's snowing there and not here, so I am very thankful for that.

I am also thankful that I no longer live in Indiana, where my husband hails from. It is currently 20 F with a 15mph wind chill of 6 F. And it's supposed to snow five out of the next seven days. I am very thankful I am not there.

Anyway...Now that I am done spouting on and on about the weather, I think I will drink a nice cup of hot tea, gaze out the window, and be happy I live in the valley after all. At least it's not snowing (knock on wood).

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