Thursday, December 08, 2005

Oh the Wonders of the One Hit Wonders

When your brain has a habit of getting a song stuck it your head, do not ever, ever watch VH1's Top 100 Countdown of One Hit Wonder's. It is a very bad thing. I have now, my very own list of demon tunes that haunt. About a hundred of them. They say that the best way to get rid of a song that gets stuck in your head, is to listen to a different song. But I guess now I have my very own top 100. Crap.

So now I give you my very own waking nightmare. I guess I am hoping that by giving you this, it will carry on to you like a virus. Your welcome.

  • All Right Now -- Free ("All righhhttt now, baby it's a all right now, repeat about 20 times)
  • The Spirit in the Sky -- Norman Greenbaum (I gotta a friend in you know that when I die, he's gonna send me up to the place that's best.....repeat 20 times or so)
  • Cool Jerk -- The Capitols ( Do the cool jerk....I'm smookkkkinnnn.....come on people...when they see me walking down the street...they know I'm the king...of the cool jerk...hummm da da da)
  • Private Dancer -- Tina Turner (I'm your privaaatte dancer, dancer for money, any old music will doooo...repeat 100 times) not exactly a one hit wonder, but still gets stuck in my head. Not sure why.
  • Cats in The Cradle -- Harry Chapin (The cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon, little boy blue, and the man in the moon, when we getting together dad? I don't know when, but we're gonna have a good time then son, we're gonna have a good time then. repeat about ten times)
  • Tequila -- The Champs (da da dadda da dada....Tequila!) (this one only last for a little while thankfully)
  • Obsession -- Animotion ( My obsession, my obsession...I will have you, I will have a butterfly, like a wild butterfly, who do you want me to be, to make you sleep with me?) Those are all the words I can ever think of.
  • Pump Up the Jam -- Technotronic (pump up the jam, pump it up while your feet are jumping.....ah-hoo-wah, a place to stay, get your booty on the floor tonight, make my day, make my day....ah-hoo-wah, a place to stay,....repeat many, many times until it feels like your head is going to spit open.)

Anyway, those are just some of what has gotten stuck in my noggin in the past 24 hours. In case you're curious, studies show that people that this happens to most are muscisians, women, and people who worry alot. I got it all covered. I guess I am just stuck with this disease. Song-stuck-in-the-head-idis.

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  1. Ingrid2:32 PM

    You forgot...."All I want for Christmas is a Hip-po-pot-a-mus, only a hippopotamus will doooooooo!" God I will be glad when Christmas is over. "Momma said it would eat me in one bite, but my teacher said he was a Veg-a-tar-i-a-n!" (sigh)